Self Care and Care for the Caregiver Customized Workshops *VIRTUAL*

Lyme and PANS Treatment Center (LPTC)
223 Chief Justice Cushing HWY, Cohasset
By Appointment and customized to meet your needs.

Treat yourself (and gather your friends and family) and spend some time caring for you! Each session will explore yogic and therapeutic ways to care for your whole self through breathing, yoga flows or held poses, self massage with essential oils and meditation. Tuck in, restore, have fun and soothe your nervous system. 

Round up your family and friends (great Girls Night Out idea;) and contact Amy to set up a customized session. 

Session Ideas:

Restorative and Yoga Nidra

Stress Tamers

Brain/Belly Connections

Happy Hips

Heart Openers

Tech Neck Release

Roll Away Tension (with balls and foam rollers)

Partner Yoga

Buddha Statue

Willcutt Commons Workshop (virtual)

Willcutt Commons, 91 Sohier St, Cohasset

Brain Sketch

Pathways Toward Resiliency | Neuroscience and Brain/Body Connections

With social worker Stephanie Saunders and yoga therapist, Amy Di Lillo.

Registration with valid email required for this FREE course. 

Tuesday January 26, 2021 11AM -12 PM

Learn simple, research -based ways to build neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to adapt to changes by forming new neural connections over time) through movement, breathwork and meditation. Topics will include COVID-19 Stress Syndrome and effects on the mind and body, and the mind/body connections between aging and dementia. 

Reservations required by Friday January 22 via www.myactivecenter.com or 781-383-9112. 



Cohasset, MA, USA

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