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Yoga, Fascia & Meditation

Informational & Experiential Session
Thursday November 2, 2023
10:15-11 AM
Cohasset Elder Affairs

Thursday March 2, 10:10-11 AM Information session: 

Are you eager to try something new? Curious about fascia? What it is and how to massage it? 

Join me for an informational and experiential session. Learn how self-massage, restorative yoga and mindful meditation practices can support you in easing stuck stress, hydrating tissue and enhancing your current wellness practices. 

This session is free to participants. Show up with curiosity and wearing clothing you can move freely in. 

Yoga Therapy for Restful Sleep

Thursday August 17, 10:15-11:30 AM,  2023
Willcutt Commons/Cohasset Elder Affairs

Join me for this informational and experiential session steeped in soothing daytime (or anytime) practices that support a night of deep, restful, healing sleep. We will explore vagal toning techniques that communicate messages of ease to your parasympathetic nervous system. 

Learning objectives include:

-overview of benefits of quality sleep

-sleep hygiene basics

-yoga therapy best practices

*wear comfy clothing

Online Registration link. 

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Multisensory Meditation Challenge & Case Study

March 2-30, 2023
Cohasset Elder Affairs Yoga Students

Thursday March 2, 10:10-11 AM Information session: 

Learn the Kirtan Kriya (multi-sensory meditation) that enhances blood flow to the brain and can improve cognition, focus and memory...bonus, it is FUN! This meditation is accessible to anyone and can be practiced seated or reclined. We will briefly discuss the benefits and how-to, then we will practice this 12 minute meditation.

Challenge and Case Study

This is our 2nd Meditation Challenge and Case Study! 

Challenge Dates: March 2-30, 2023

Basic Challenge: practice this meditation daily, from the comfort of your home at a time that works for you. Sign up and you will receive all of the info, tools you need to support your preventative meditation journey. All you need is curiosity, openness to try something for 12 minutes a day, and 5 minutes to complete a pre/post survey form to support my case study. 

*past participants may join again!! 

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