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Self Care and Care for the Caregiver Customized Workshops

Lyme and PANS Treatment Center (LPTC)
223 Chief Justice Cushing HWY, Cohasset
By Appointment and customized to meet your needs.

Treat yourself (and gather your friends and family) and spend some time caring for you! Each session will explore yogic and therapeutic ways to care for your whole self through breathing, yoga flows or held poses, self massage with essential oils and meditation. Tuck in, restore, have fun and soothe your nervous system. 

Round up your family and friends (great Girls Night Out idea;) and contact Amy to set up a customized session. 

Session Ideas:

Stress Tamers

Brain/Belly Connections

Happy Hips

Heart Openers

Tech Neck Release

Roll Away Tension (with balls and foam rollers)

Partner Yoga


Willcutt Commons Workshops

Willcutt Commons, 91 Sohier St, Cohasset


Community Acupuncture and Guided Meditation (Yoga Nidra)

Step into Class

Are you curious about acupuncture? Have you been interested in trying meditation? This experience is for you! These healing practices are rooted in modern science and are powerful when practiced alone, potent when practiced together. Each participant will receive acupuncture, then sit or recline while taking a "needle nap" (guided meditation  while needles are in).

Amy Di Lillo is your Yoga Nidra guide.

Kelly Hopkins, LAc, is your acupuncturist. 

First Monday of each month, 1-2:30 PM:

Jan 6 theme: Clarity

Feb 3 theme: Heart & Lung openers

March 2 theme: Mood lift

April 6 theme: Immune boost for allergies

$40 per person, 4 min/10 max, pre-registration required

Brain Longevity Series
@ Willcutt Commons

Join Brain Longevity Specialist, Amy Di Lillo (along with her colleagues) to learn holistic approaches to brain health.

$15 per person, per session. All proceeds from this seminar will go to the Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation (ARPF). 

Jan 13, 1-2:30 PM

Brain Longevity: Diet and Supplementation. Dr Sean Foss, Naturopathic Doctor and Claire Haddad, Certified Health Coach, will join me to share tips on the power of conscious choices in how and what you eat and how your diet and supplements can help to support a health brain and lifestyle. 

Feb 10, 1-2:30 PM

Brain Longevity: Stress Management & Meditation. Dr Sylvia Sichol, Clinical Psychologist, will join me for a session rich with scientifically researched relaxation and meditation techniques that lower cortisol levels and improve mental performance, inviting resiliency and clarity. Harness the healing power of productive relaxation and (simple, accessible) meditation today. 

March 9, 1-2:30 PM

Brain Longevity: Exercise & the Power of Community. Dr Janine Crifasi, DC and Functional Neurologist, will join me as we discuss how physical exercise strengthens not only your body but also your brain! We will also share how community and purpose create psycho-spiritual well-being. 

Brain Sketch
Buddha Statue

Balance Studio Cohasset

Self Care Saturday Retreat

Jan 25, 2020 12-6 PM

Goal Setting w/ Katelyn Ryan

Yoga Nidra & Acupuncture w/ Amy Di Lillo & Kelly Hopkins, LAc

Ball Rolling & Self Massage w/ Kate Krumsiek

Meditation & Mindful Movement w/ Meghan Brundage

Blueberry Cake

Cake and Conversation
February 3, 2020, 6:30-7:30 PM

Essential Oils & Breath-work to Lift your Winter Mood
Paul Pratt Memorial Library

Winter doldrums got you down? Join yoga therapist and essential oil enthusiast Amy Di Lillo for yoga breath-work and essential oils to lift your moods and energy.  Bring your friends, your curiosity and your sweet tooth!


Share the Love

Essential Oils & Hand Massage
Saturday February 29, 2020, 1-3 PM

Join Amy Di Lillo and Katelyn Ryan for an afternoon of Self Care to wrap up our month of Sharing the Love! Come solo or bring a friend...we will be learning to give (which means we will also get to receive) hand massages using Do Terra AromaTouch Technique. Open discussion of essential oils and their uses is encouraged, previous knowledge about Essential oils is not necessary.

my hands with doterra oil.jpg