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Garuda Mudra | Immunity

Mudras are gestures or poses for our hands.

Garuda is a mystical bird, powerful with distinct sense of orientation, sharp eyes and strong survival instincts. When practiced, this mudra can invigorate the organs, balance energy, ease respiratory difficulties and exhaustion and increase lymphatic drainage. Garuda mudra boosts our immunity. 

Practice Garuda Mudra by clasping thumbs with right palm over left palm. Activate the clasping sensation of thumb pits and spread fingers.

Elongate spine and soften shoulders as you breathe awareness and space into palms. Allow Garuda Mudra palms to hover over chakras as you breathe.

Enhance your practice by setting a sankalpa (intention) of health and strength. Allow awareness to flow from mind to your heart and to your palms. 

Uniting mudra and sankalpa setting is a potent practice. Sankalpa is a sacred vow or deeply held intention, your resolve. Sankalpa setting begins with the premise that we are already whole...we simply need to shine a light of focus on our deepest desires to channel our inner energy. 

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